Hello World!

Hello World!

Hello all and welcome to WP Git Updater.

WP Git Updater is a CI tool to automate plugin updates for your Git source controlled websites.

Doesn’t WordPress already have a long history and stable system for providing third party updates?

Yes it does and this tool is not designed to replace that system. For most sites the built in update features are more than sufficient.

WP Git Updater is here for Git source controlled WordPress websites. Where its vital to keep your deployments and source in sync.

There are many reasons to maintain a WordPress in Git source control, from hosting integration to management and development of more complex sites requiring staging/develop and production environments.

In these cases there is additional workload in managing plugin versions and staying up to date.

It is these cases where Wp Git Updater shines.

When combined with a scheduled CI system you can be notified of new updates, and have the changes ready to review automatically.

The cli tool can be used manually or with one of the providers set out in the documentation.

How It Works

During an update the cli tool will collect any detected plugins. And in line with your configuration selectively update them one by one, creating a new branch for each update and submitting a pull request for you should an update be found.

The tool updates any plugins with new versions that can be found in the https://wordpress.org plugin repository. The cli tool is built in go lang for optimal distribution across CI providers, as a result only plugins found on the official WordPress plugins repository can be updated. Premium and custom plugins are skipped during the discovery phase of the update.

Please review the documentation to see how the tool works and stay tuned for more updates.

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