WP Git Updater now supports theme updates

WP Git Updater now supports theme updates

That's right! You can now update WordPress plugins and themes using WP Git Updater.

The primary goal of WP Git Updater is to optimize and automate updates on your Git controlled WordPress websites. We started with plugins but early on it became clear theme updates were a must have. We felt this was such a critical feature we needed to make sure it was available before we officially released WP Git Updater.

Additionally we have been able to retain the same configuration format with some new additions. This is down to some forward thinking knowing theme features were coming in the future.

In short just adding:

  enabled: true
  path: themes

To your config file is sufficient to enable theme updates.

There are of course further customizations available if required. Full details can be found in the Documentation.

Just like plugins you can now automate theme branch and pull request creation on infrastructure and terms you define.

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