Getting Started

Quick Start

First you may want to install the cli tool locally.

curl | bash -s -- -b $HOME/bin

In your Git repository root run the command to generate the Configuration File:

wpgitupdater init

And then to generate a CI configuration (in this case for Github Actions) run the following command:

wpgitupdater init -ci -actions

You can browse the files generated and commit them to your repository.

Now every day (assuming the standard configuration is used) an automated workflow will be run, checking your repositories plugins for updates and creating pull requests when updates are available.

Installing Versions

While we would advise you to maintain compatibility with the "latest" release the installer script does support installing historic versions, in the example below we are specially requesting the 1.0.0 version:

curl | bash -s -- -b $HOME/bin 1.0.0

Additionally you can install historic versions using the manual install process.


Manual Installation

In addition to the installer script you can manually download a release from our releases page.

Installation Path

The install command will place the wpgitupdater binary in your $HOME/bin folder.

You can test if this is accessible by running:

which wpgitupdater

If you are presented with a path to the cli tool the installation was successful.

If $HOME/bin is not in your $PATH you can choose to add it:

echo "export PATH=\"\$PATH:\$HOME/bin\"" >> ~/.profile && source ~/.profile

Or update the installer script to place it in a directory that is in your $PATH (using /usr/local/bin as an example below):

curl | bash -s -- -b /usr/local/bin