Below are the commands available from the wpgitupdater cli tool.

Note the commands marked as (authenticated) will require the environment variable WP_GIT_UPDATER_GIT_TOKEN. Please refer to the Authentication documentation for further details.

Init Command

wpgitupdater init

The init command will generate a .wpgitupdater.yml in the current working directory.

You should run this command from the root of your WordPress repository. The command will include only the minimum information needed to provide a valid configuration.

Please review the file after creation and make any amendments required. Pay special attention to the plugins.path and themes.path variables to ensure it is a valid path to your plugin and theme folders.

Please review the Configuration File documentation for all of the possible options and there behaviour.

Init CI Github Command

wpgitupdater init -ci -actions

The init -ci -actions command will generate a .github/workflows/wpgitupdater.yml Github actions CI configuration file.

The Action will allow for manual invocation and also configure a daily invocation using the cron 0 0 * * *.

Please refer to the Github Actions documentation for further details.

List Command (authenticated)

wpgitupdater list

The list command will load your configuration and display the status of your installed themes and plugins, noting any that are outdated.

If you prefer to just see either theme or plugins, you can disable one or the other using the following commands

wpgitupdater list -plugins=false
wpgitupdater list -themes=false

Update Command (authenticated)

wpgitupdater update

The update command will load your configuration then inspect available updates.

When an update is found the tool will create a new branch, update the plugin or theme, commit and push the branch, and finally open a pull request with the update details.

When complete the tool will restore the base branch and continue onto the next update until all possible updates have been performed.

Dry Run

The update command has an optional flag which will prevent any updates being performed, no branches, changes or pull requests will be created when the -dry-run flag is present, you can use this flag to inspect the output and review what may be updated.

wpgitupdater update -dry-run


The update command has an optional flag which can prevent any repository or plugin information being stored as part of the usage data on By default we store the repository host and name, and the slug of the plugin. If you prefer not to send over the information you can run the update command with the option -stats=false and all update usage will become anonymous.